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Work in progress. 

"Taking care of a farm may seem to be easy, but what if your plantation gets doomed to die out due to a strange disease? What would you do?
A fairy suddenly shows up to give you a gallon of some toxic substances, explaining its consequences. You use it on your
plants, anyway. One day, you wake up to see that the whole world has changed, and the plants...They are alive! Will they hurt you? or will you kill them before they do anything?"

About our game

Theme: you are the villain

Type: farming; hack ‘n’ slash

Point of view: top down

References: Luccah, Hyper Light Drifter, Don’t Starve and some farming games.

Game engine: Unity

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Genre: Fantasy/Simulation/Adventure

Art Style: hand-drawn/scribbles (it changes accordingly to the phase)

Player attack type: melee

Hits needed to defeat each ennemy: 3 hits (every enemy has 3 health points, except for the boss)

Weapon of the farmer: scythe 

Since we can't release the game yet, here is our level design (so far):


Nielisson - character/environment/lvl design

Carol - UI/enemies design

Twinkle and Scowsh - Audio

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