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The Conspiracy Theory of a Toothpaste Case is a top down stealth game where you infiltrate a multinational company called Gum As You Are.  Our hero is a former employee who has discovered that this company has been working for the government and that has been adding some toxic substances in their toothpaste in order to control the population's minds.

Since our hero had direct contact with these particular substances, he has developed some sort of power that allows him to copy the appearances of certain non-player characters. By doing so, he may solve the puzzles and infiltrate like a pro!

We offer a different stealth game that is far from serious with some interesting puzzles and a joyful atmosphere, will you join us for a laugh? :)


BIVER Arthur - Sound and level design

CABAL Manon – Character Design and their animations/Game Designer

CHAMBOS Alvin - Programer/Assets integration

MENDONCA DA SILVA Nielisson – Graphics/Game Design

MIRBEAU-BAUDIN Nam - Lead Programmer

A special thanks to Amandine Bizet, the beautiful voice in the parody "Gum as You Are".


The Conspiracy Theory of a Toothpaste Case 35 MB

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