(Unfinished prototype)

The company X has been secretly experimenting on humans for decades. These experiments allowed them to improve their cyborgs' artificial intelligence. A certain cyborg gets a glitch in his system that allows him to either accept or ignore the missions that is given to him. He doesn't automatically accepts everything like before, so now it is up to you: will you follow the orders or go against the system? 


WSAD/Arrow keys - Move
Left Mouse/SPACE - Shoot
Right Mouse/SHIFT - Dash
E - Interact


Graphics - Nielisson
Programmer - Meatpudding
Programmer - Sekkyō
Sound Designer - amenemone


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aww, thanks, tiger !!

Gave it a go. I will be real, it has some major flaws, honestly the "game" part of this is very very lacking, however its not without potential.

First of all, the art and animation is nice, it seems to have a great theme and even a story that can be developed into something interesting. I can see a lot of effort was put into it, the sounds work well, if a bit unpolished.

My largest gripe are more technical and thematically. First of, I cant really see how this connects with the Jam theme? Is it a story-thing only rather then game-mechanical? Either way I feel that it needs to be made more clear (or just say its a very lose interpretation). Also if there is one thing visually that needs be improved its visual feedback, for example: What are my objectives? Feedback when I have used something (like the switch). Transitions between levels (only one level now, but as soon as I touch the door, it just JUMPS to the "end"-screen). Some more subtle effects would also go along way to improve the feeling of the jump/landing, taking damage etc. (like having a small particle "puff" when doing a jump or landing).

My largest issues however are with the game-play itself, starting with the controls: They are way to wonky, the character feels incredibly "floaty" (like I'm on the moon) and the controls are strait up just unresponsive at times (especially when trying to shooting). The animation often stutters on landing or when just walking, playing the wrong one. It all needs to be improved and tested.

The level/game itself is... boring, very boring. Its extremely empty, there are a total of one interactive switch, two pickups and two enemies, that's it from what I saw. Its also just kind of slapped together very small vertical level with no sense of direction (you even start the game forcing the player to walk left! Going against peoples preperception of how to navigate a platformer), its just overall way to short and non-challening. I would strongly recommend making the level a lot longer with a horizontal design, add regular intervals of hazards, enemies and safe-zones. Just make me experience the game more.

I also would have liked to see some coin-like pickups, something I always feel makes these types of games more interesting to play (even it it does not fit with your theme/setting). Coin-like pickups can give player a sense of direction of where to go (just follow the coins!), and you can even create extra-spaces on the level that the player does not really need to go to, but can challenge themselves to get those extra coins. It also gives the player a way to score how well they did on a level.

More time needed to be spend on the design itself. I get that with a jam, there is just that much time to spend, but in a platformer it is the level itself that is the most important, you really don't need that many tools to make a great level either (just look at the first level on  the first Super Mario on the NES, its just a very long level with two enemy types and some environmental hazards and pickups).

Again, the assets and ideas have potential for a great platformer, it just needs more work. Looking forward if you all improve it in the future!

Great job for the WGM! Cheers.

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the controls felt ok, the characters jump and movement was really good. the one thing that bothered me and it was a small thing that the walking sound didnt align with the characters foot placement. but most games dont have perfect sound effects for that but with this game it was really noticeable. i cant really say much about the rest of the game since it was pretty short. would like to see where this could go with more time.

Interesting game! Interested in seeing where it goes

Interesting game! Interested in seeing where it goes

Interesting game! Interested in seeing where it goes

WAY TO SHORT! loved the art and gameplay, if it a was just a little longer


i agree, the three programmers we had were too busy this week, i guess. Well, we wanted to make something small anyway. Thanks for the feedback in capslock haha Have u participated as well?

No, i don't have many time due to school work, and because i'm a beginner i can't make a game in less than 4 hours... Wish to join again though, in the vacation!

u mean one week? we have one week to finish the game. start small, =)

No like, i don't have many tme due to school work, well maybe 4 hours is to little but like, can only work a day or two