A downloadable game for Windows

Ralph is a scavenger robot programmed to build windmills. He  cares about the earth much more than many humans, they say.

In order to build windmills, he'll have to gather resources while avoiding enemies and traps along the way. Your objective is to build 5 windmills to bring power to a city.

Help Ralph show that wind energy is a great energy source!

Find more information on this topic here:

Our game was featured by the University of Southern California!


Energy Keeper.zip 754 MB

Install instructions

- Download the file;

- Extract the zip file;

- Open Energy Keeper.exe.


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Awesome game , there is a huge difference in your first game till this one.... Experience maybe.

and overall you make awesome games.

Congrats on your game ! It's really cool that you created a small space to explore, this way we really have to learn how to dash hahaaa. We also liked that there was no losing state, it makes the experience enjoyable. Also, the robot and the animations are very cute ! Good job :)

Many thanks! =)