A downloadable game for Windows

This is an experimental game created for the Weekly Game Jam, an online game jam that runs every week. We worked on it for 4 days. The gameplay is very simple: you need to take pictures of the monsters that appear on the screen by clicking on them, so you can store them in your photo album. You can also compete against your friends by comparing the scores; however, this game is more like an experience than a competition. Let's go stalking?!

Team :

Nielisson Mendonça - BG and photo album design/Sound design
Karolin Holfman /JollyGoodDay - Character and game design
Kayne Ruse - Lead Gameplay Programmer
Marixil & Maksymge - Character design

Play it online: https://krgamestudios.com/MonsterStalker/


MonsterStalker.zip 27 MB


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This game is really cool. I would love to see more monsters and environment interactions / puzzles to reveal new monsters to snap!

Me, too! But we didnt have enough time, we joined the jam a few days before its end =s

That's really good for a few days of work - awesome!