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Ferdinand was entrusted three special eggs. A wise woman told him that they carry elemental creatures that are responsible for maintaining the weather in balance. When they went missing, the world became chaotic. The population doesn't understand how the weather works anymore. Ferdinand knows that these creatures do not belong to this world so his mission is to deliver them to the White Temple in order to restore the balance of world.


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Great game! Any plans to add more levels?

Hey, we hope so! we want to finish up the "story level" which is a bigger level where there is a temple at the end.

I loved it! It was all so cute, the art and the music, I really enjoyed cycling trough all elements on the last 2 levels. My personal favorite was earth, with his trying hard sound. ❤  I would add a next level button,  on the restart/back to menu screen. Adios!

thanks, kiky!! yea, we wanted to make an even bigger level, but we ran out of time =s i will talk to the guys about the restart button tyyy


This is a great game though the last level is very aggravating but fun none the less.


Ah, thank you for playing. We didn't have much time to balance things out, but we will improve it a bit more later on.


This is very awesome game, and good idea with the theme. I love the art and sound they are adorable! :D

 I only struggled a bit with movement, it felt a bit abrupt but maybe it is due to me being used to other games movement style and needing to take a bit more to get used to this one. Which also brings up the matter about space bar button as mentioned in the comment below me.

I wanted to give feedback on the "bad" things because I think that is the most useful feedback anyone can get.

Either way great job for real! Good game :) 


Thanks a lot, Jorge ! =)


You guys did an amazing job with this game. From the cute art, to the amazing animations, solid code, very adorable audio, and good level design! I really like puzzle games, so this idea of having multiple characters with different abilities really spoke to me. Here's some feedback: The first x-amount of levels are relatively easy compared to the last two. It might have been a bit better to gradually move the difficulty curve up. (This might be me but,) I keep pressing the spacebar to jump, because I'm so used to it. It might be a good idea to bind the character switching, and the special abilities to a different button, or even the mouse (left click is cycle, right is special ability e.g.) Anyway, you guys did a really good job. I especially liked the water element guys, haha.

Ty for the feedback, and we will take that into account. U r probably the second one who likes the water element guy haha Thanks for playing our game, i will try your game now.  =)