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Watch Brackeys Game Jam #2 part 1 from Tiger_J on

thanks a lot, Tiger !!! Those feedbacks will help us a lot

Fun Game, like the soundtrack, only problem I had was that I had a hard time dragging things down from the menu because i kept clicking slightly above or below the item, slightly bigger boxes would be nice.

hey, Jlot. Thanks for playing our game. we fixed that; ty for the feedback. I am not sure about the bigger boxes, though. it may be too steep for the player

Oh yeah, my bad, could have put that better, tried again and had much less trouble selecting items, feels good now.

Cute game! The art style reminds me of those Google doodle games. It got pretty hard around the end, but it was fun regardless. I also kinda like the detail that it never specifies who's the person he's "after".

thanks,Zeo! Yea, it needs some balancing. That detail....=x

Really fun game! It got hard really fast. But i might just be bad at games haha. But i really enjoyed it!

hahah it's probably because we didnt test enough. Thanks for playing it