What if you could try out a different version of the present moment?
What would you do?

Pendulum is a steampunk-inspired 2D platformer. Our hero is striving to survive in this mysterious and hostile place that is full of traps, puzzles and enemies.

 Aside from attacking the enemies, he can use his copy of his "present self" to check what is ahead. This will allow the player to come up with a strategy to solve some puzzles or just to make sure that it's safe to move on.  

We hope you enjoy this demo. :)

Meet the team

  • Nielisson Mendonça (@nielisson) — Pixel Artist


This game is open source! 

Find it available on GitHub - Here!

This game was originally submitted to the Extra Credits game jam 2018, then we decided to keep working on it afterwards.

(If you want to play the original jam version, you can do so by downloading the "Jam_Version - Windows" from the download section.)


Windows 29 MB
Linux 42 MB
Mac 29 MB
Jam_Version - Windows 23 MB

Install instructions

1. Choose your platform and download

2. Unzip

3. Play!


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how do i get pass the part with the red lever

how do i get pass the point where you see the first broken clock

Press Shift, i think ? u need to use your copy. It shows how in the tutorial

i tried that im at the part with the red levers 

I love it! Cool mechanics



I couldnt help but think (this game must have a deep meaning in it) I love the artwork, the tunes, the mechanic and the feel of it. But I had some collision problems and a bug when I spawn in the check point. Sorry to give bad news :/


aw, thanks for playing, Salsa. Did you play our latest version? web version? we r still working on a final version of it. Have u seen the movie La Science des Rêves? The time machine from that movie inspired us (mostly me, since I watched it haha) for the gameplay.


I will see that movie then! I played the browser version