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Sea turtles are amazing creatures. Unfortunately, due to all the garbage being thrown into the ocean, many are being hurt or even killed by these contaminants. Help the sea turtles on this beach by cleaning them up. In this case, the less trash on their body, the better off they are.

Messages from the team

  • Programmer: Ralph Y. Wong

For anyone who wants to discuss games I've worked on or simply want to get notified when a new game I've worked on is posted, consider joining my discord server: https://discord.gg/ZTqs9uGADx 

  • Music and Sound: Daniel Astacio

This was my 1st video game jam and I'm looking forward to working on many more. Feel free to follow me on https://danielastacio.itch.io/ or shoot me an email danielastacio91@gmail.com if you want to collaborate.


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I downloaded it the 02/04/2021. i don’t know if the new version is different but your game is credible and relaxing. I particularly like the graphisms and the movements of the turtle when you wash it. You can had a GIF for the cover if you want to show this animation on itch.io. The cover picture just need to be the first picture of the GIF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHVNST7M3oY It’s a link tutorial about branding on itch.io really useful.


A lovely experience about taking care of sea turtles in need ♥

Thank you for playing!


This was a powerfull experience and a very polised game, Loved it!

Feel free to check out my own game for the jam! <3


It's great to see a game that revolves around helping animals. This is super sweet and warms my heart!

I used to watch youtube videos of people cleaning sea turtles and wished I could do the same. That was the inspiration behind the idea. I still hope to one day clean sea turtles in real life. That would be really cool